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Mission trip with Loving One By One

Who They Are

Sherry and Ken Roberts started their missionary ministry, Loving One By One (LOBO) in 2005 with the establishment of a school in Uganda, Africa – New Creation Centre (NCC). This school offers free education and 2 hot meals a day for refugee children coming from northern Uganda and Sudan. In 2007, LOBO started New Creation Family Home (NCFH) that provides a home for orphaned children where they are immersed in a true and healthy family atmosphere.

Mission trip in Uganda, Africa

LOBO’s next goal is to build more New Creation Family Homes and a school on the 9 acres of land they have acquired in Uganda. On this land, appropriately named, Grace Land, children will learn to grow their own food, care for farm animals, and practice important life skills that will enable them to contribute to the local community. Once this has been built, they have plans to construct a medical clinic that will offer quality health care for the poor population surrounding them.

What They Do

Sowers International trained the Roberts to become missionaries. Previously, Ken worked at Disneyland as an engineer and Sherry worked as a pastors’ secretary for over 25 years. Sherry is now retired and focuses all of her energy on Loving One by One. Their first visit to Uganda was in 2002. It took three years to get the ground troops in place to carry out their mission. The first few years were tough, as the founders describe “everyone thought we were a walking ATM machine.” Since 2005, the Roberts have been collectively spending 15-25 weeks a year in Uganda leading teams of 20 at a time carrying out various projects. The other parts of the year they spend in Southern California.Children in Uganda Africa

In 2010, I visited Uganda and spent two and half weeks with the Roberts as a missionary on their summer team. What immediately impressed me about their program was the fact that within just two weeks of time we visited 3 orphanages, ran 7 medical clinics, went to 3 church services, visited 6 schools, medically treated over 5000 adults and children, visited a handicap orphanage, visited the Nile river, went to 5 inner city slums, and spent daily time at the Loving One by One sponsored school and orphanage. If you are considering a missionary trip with Loving One by One,strap on your seat belt and get ready for an exciting and life changing ride.Mission trip in Uganda Africa

Sherry and Ken understand that to change belief and behavior you must do it one by one. Hence, the name of the project is Loving One by One. This concept shows how mature they are in their pursuit of working with the poor and how mature they are in their faith. Instead of focusing on numbers and volume they are always looking for that one child who may have been left behind. We never left a medical clinic until every child received treatment. If a child showed up at the end of the day (after 10 hours of work) and we had loaded everything up on the bus, we unloaded just for that one child who needed medical attention.

Mission Trips

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