coptic solidairity 3

Our Vision

Coptic Solidarity will lead active efforts to achieve equal citizenship for the Copts in Egypt.

Our Mission

Coptic Solidarity will advocate and work to advance the universal human rights and total equality for the Copts in Egypt through all peaceful and civil means sanctioned by international standards and with moral and material support of institutions within and outside Egypt that promote equality and fight discrimination based on religion, gender, race or personal beliefs.

While the suffering of Copts in Egypt is mounting every day, it is undeniable that the current state of “Coptic activism” leaves a lot to be desired. A new start has been judged by many to be vital. A conference held in Montreal (June 2006) pointed to this direction. Finally, a conference held in Virginia (March 2009) set the wheel moving. A Steering Committee, selected in Virginia, labored to establish a new entity according to the general lines shown below. A “Founding Conference” is planned in early 2010 to launch this new entity.

You are invited to take part in Coptic Solidarity.

Overall Goals

Help the Copts in Egypt to be empowered and attain full and inalienable citizenship rights and equality, under secular constitution and laws; drawn in accordance with current international standards set by Human Rights conventions and treaties.
Building on past efforts of Coptic activism, with special attention to:
– Assemble ‘mainstream’ Coptic activists;
– Tap the enormous pool of talents of Coptic professionals;
– Adopt institutional, organized, persistent and professional work methodology.

Guiding Principles and Objectives

– We firmly stand for a united Egypt where all citizens live side by side in equality and peace. Resolving the ‘Coptic Issue’ is an objective that in itself simultaneously helps, and demonstrates, the success in modernizing Egypt, by promoting the values of freedom, secularism, rule of just law, pluralism and democracy for the benefit of all Egyptians;
– We adhere to peaceful, civil and political means; and to the principles of Human Rights as expressed in relevant international documents;
– We do not patronize Copts living inside the homeland, nor act as custodians over the cause.
– The Coptic issue is a political one that has to do with civil rights, and is not a religious battle of any sort. We do not interfere in religious, doctrinal or hierarchical matters.


– Promote political awareness and Human Rights campaigns (including researches and surveys, case assistance to persecuted and discriminated-against individuals and groups, etc);
– Conduct routine contacts with international and local organisms and forums;
– Keep reliable records of key events and incidents;
– Media & Research;
– Educational projects (including scholarships), to help Copts regain their historical zeal to learn and excel; and their role in establishing high-quality educational institutions;
– Social and cultural activities.