Cornerstone Ranch – Purpose driven, family focused, spirit filled, and bible believing!

Cornerstone Restoration Ranch is a place of refuge where people can come for revival, hope, healing and restoration.  By reaching out to the broken, hurting and lost they have been able to empower, encourage and equip those who have come through their doors through the healing power of the Holy Spirit.  “I just love my job, to make disciples of Jesus’ followers. I show them how to turn a DISappointment into HISappointment so that they are able withstand anything the enemy throws at them,” says Cheri Coit

Their Christian discipleship program is structured around targeting the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of chemical addictions. Recovering addicts are mentored by recovered addicts, which has proven to be quite a successful tactic as it provides a level of familiarity, humility, respect, hope and trust.

Cornerstone’s Celebrating Recovery program is a continuum of care that is biblically based and consists of 8 steps.  It is a 6 month co-ed residential transitional restoration at their retreat Ranch. There are 3 Phases, each phase lasting 2 months.

  • 1st phase: Basic Training on the basics of Christ.
    Finding what you were created for and helping you get through the changes that you will be going through by following the Purpose Driven Life.  Character Building classes, recovery programs, anger management, physical exercise, hiking, gardening, weights, and swimming.
  • 2nd phase: A.I.T.
    Advance individual training through the 40 day Heart Revolution (Sergio DeLaMora), so you’re able to overcome any obstacle that presents itself to you.  Intense studies on knowing who you are in Christ and all about the authority that you have and how to apply that authority in the spiritual realm.
  • 3rd Phase: Leadership Training
    Re-entry to society and exit plans.

This program works because of its emphasis on the Bible. Through the Word of God people are spiritually and emotionally healed of the pain and suffering of addiction, and become a new creation in Christ.  With a vision of one day being a 20-40 acre public Retreat Restoration Ranch, Cornerstone needs both your financial and prayerful support.  If you would like to help support them please contact us at 619-GIVE – 777.