Elderly Service in San Diego: Bridge of Hope

Saturday I was blessed with such a tender moment I want to share with you. 

A precious elderly lady named Maria, who I had not seen for a while due to her battle with asthma, came to Bridge of Hope.  She is such a beautiful, godly, sweet lady. The first time I saw her two years ago, my heart was immediately drawn to her as if God put a spot light on her in the crowd.  She had had no bed and was on the floor. Bridge of Hope was able to provide for her a nice bed and table for her tiny apartment. She lives on 43rd st., we are on 38th, so being old, with asthma and having only your feet to travel, makes it difficult for her to get to us. Saturday, she came walking up on her walker. She looked exhausted. I went to her and asked if she was o.k. She wanted me to pray for her, I assumed it was her asthma again as her breathing seemed off.  She put her arms around me and begin to tell me in Spanish with tears, that two weeks ago her son died.  I grabbed a neighbor that was walking by to interpret for me.  She listened as Maria cried and shared about her son.  He had been an amazing son.  She loved him so much and relied heavily on him. He had been very sick and she was thankful God had released him from pain, but her heart was broken.  There was fear there too for her future without her son.  Veronica, the interpreter began to cry with her as she listened. She put herself in Maria’s pain and felt it,  two strangers crying together for the loss of a son.  We all held each other on the busy driveway crying together, even though I could not understand the conversation.  She told Veronica, she had to get to Bridge of Hope where she could get prayers and the love she needed.  It was such a moment of clarity for me. 

Many people have ideas of Christianity, or what Jesus is like, or what they feel God’s kingdom is, but for me, that was all of that. That moment, together, strangers crying together, praying and holding each other was Jesus, powerful, and real. I thanked Veronica for allowing herself to cry and feel and be there with Maria. That was healing for Maria I know.  Thank you for that moment Jesus. Your kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you for your support. We give thanks to God for you continually.

Sheri Briggs,
Bridge of Hope