Formando Vidas is a Christian Ministry to children at risk in Bogotá, Colombia under the umbrella of Youth with A Mission International. We hope that these pages will not only help you get to know us, but also inspire you to pray for us and get involved in a practical way, by serving with us or by making a donation.

In addition to direct work with street children, we have a strong call to raise awareness and sensitize pastors, congregations and society in general, convinced that the community as a whole need to know and put into action God’s perspective on injustice, mercy, and poverty. As part of this task, we cooperate with VIVA Network, thus collaborating with other Christian ministries that work with children at risk.

Formando Vidas 2


The Challenge

Unwanted children, broken homes, fatherless, day to day existence, abuse, uneducated, illiterate, hungry, desperate, slum dwellers, recyclers, overcrowding, homeless, unemployed, seeking love, grime, filth, displaced, victims, thieves, violence, survival. These are just some words that describe the children and families that we serve.