Grant Management – Writing & Giving

What makes us different from other non-profit organizations?

EON supports other non-profit organizations by providing vital resources including financial, volunteer and administrative support. In addition, EON acts as an auditor. Like general counsel to a team of lawyers, EON makes sure everyone is doing their job and carrying out their missions appropriately. This ensures the proper allocation for the donated funds.  Many donors have substantial concerns when donating their hard earned dollars to non-profit organizations. There is a general  lack of transparency and disclosure of  the exact percent of each dollar that reaches those in need. EON solves this problem for its donors by working alongside each organization and personally examining and evaluating its financial statements and investigating its moral foundation.
Why donate to EON instead of directly to the organizations it supports?

So you know 100% without a doubt your hard earned money is being invested/donated appropriately.EON provides arms length transactions whereby it acts as an intermediary ensuring that your donation is properly allocated. For large donations, EON is vital to provide a layer of separation and to manage grants or project funds that are paid incrementally over time.

So you know what the organization actually does with your money and how much is being taken off the top for “administration” fees.

We level the playing field. Each organization has its own definition of administration costs and what is covered under “administration.”  We don’t.  We have a strict set of criteria that measures what qualifies and what doesn’t qualify as administration costs to ensure we are comparing apples to apples.  Our auditing techniques re-evaluate the balance sheets and income statements, providing third party oversight of  how funds are received, spent and allocated. Our definition of administration costs is many times very different from what the organization itself promotes as its administration costs.

So you know for a fact that the promotional information you receive about the organization  is current and accurate and can be cross-referenced through your own research.

When donating money, the best policy is not to double check, but to triple check on where your donation is going.  First, you need to have a professional on your side with your best interest in mind to ensure you are not being taken advantage of and the information you are receiving is truthful and accurate. Second, you need to personally research the organization itself so you can present the questions most important to you. Third, you need to contact others who have donated to the organization to get their feedback.  This type of layering and cross reference research will ensure your donation is properly allocated.