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Why We Do What We Do ? Obedience. Mercy. Love.

Caring for the poor has brought us more satisfaction than anything else in life. Obeying God’s instructions is equally important. If you are grounded in the beliefs of the scripture you quickly realize you have an obligation to have mercy on those in need. What the world needs is more love.

The verse in the Bible that EON was founded on can be found in Matthew 19:16-24 when the rich, young ruler asks Jesus, “What must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus replies, “Go and sell all you have and you shall have treasure in Heaven. Then, come and follow me.”

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Below are other biblical references that instruct us to share with the poor

Those with abundance must share with those that lack. (Luke 12:48)

Pure religion is defined by looking after widows and orphans. (James 1:27).

We can easily forget the poor when we are in our daily bubble busily rushing around with our to do lists, but we must remember the poor. (Galatians 2:10)

It is easy to allow our selfish natures to take control and blind us from seeing those who are in need around us. It’s also easy to just look out for ourselves and not put others first. When you look at the level of greed and abundance in today’s society it is out of control. We have so much in our possession that we need a two car garage and a storage unit just to house it all…things that were once on our wish list that are now collecting dust. Meanwhile, 80% of the planet is trying to find something besides dirt to sleep on and a clean cup of water to drink. When you give to the poor and more importantly spend time with them, you are actually doing it unto God Himself. (Matthew 34-36)

If you want to meet God face to face and understand His mercy and love, we challenge you to immerse yourself in their world and help in any way you can. You will feel the presence of God as you are showering the world with love. Remember, when Jesus was walking on this earth He was in the trenches – on the streets with the prostitutes, lepers, and the poor.