Do you know anyone who owns a building downtown San Diego?

If so, I need your help connecting with that owner. We are trying to locate a vacant building downtown San Diego to house 100-200 homeless next month. I wrote the letter below to a building owner on the outskirts of downtown San Diego this evening. Can you please forward this letter to anyone you may know who owns a building downtown San Diego that is vacant and who has a heart to help those in need. I would greatly appreciate it.  –  Andrew Arroyo


Generous downtown building owner, (please use their real name)

We need your help. Your property came up in conversation today at a roundtable meeting between city leaders working together to help those most in need this year in downtown San Diego. We are asking for you to donate space in your vacant building between January 2nd – February 2nd, 2012 to house approximately 100-200 homeless people. As you may be aware, 2011 was a tragic year in which many lives were lost and several homeless individuals literally froze to death. We hope to minimize the lives lost this year and have coordinated all the major players to save lives however we are missing one significant piece of the puzzle and that is where you come in. We need a building in a very specific location and your building and location is ideal. Please consider this very seriously and search your heart to help us if you can. You will be saving lives by granting us this donation.

All we need is the space donated. The property will be left in a cleaner condition than before.

 Charities already committed to this outreach include:

*San Diego Police (waiver of code, permits, violations will be provided)

*Salvation Army

*Feeding America

*Rachel’s House

*Alpha Project


*San Diego Rescue Mission

*Father Joe’s

*San Diego Dream Center

*UCSD medical volunteers

*City of Refuge


This donation of space will save lives. Every week police are picking up individuals who have passed away on the street due to the cold weather. Please help.

Outline of terms and conditions:

  1. Property will be used from 8p.m. – 6a.m. daily only
  2. Liability Insurance will be provided naming owner on title
  3. Release of liability will be signed by City of Refuge who is responsible for overseeing this project
  4. Any other terms or conditions you feel necessary to protect yourself and your property

Thanks you for your consideration, a prompt reply would be very much appreciated.



Andrew Arroyo

Eye of a Needle Foundation

La Jolla, CA 92037

619-448-3777 (GIVE-777)

On behalf of City of Refuge – a 501 c(3) organization working with the homeless in San Diego for over 16 years.