Jewish National Fund was established more than 100 years ago by a small group of leaders, including Theodor Herzl. By purchasing plots of land, they hoped to establish the groundwork for the birth of our nation of Israel. JNF continues to make a commitment to the land and people in the 21st century. While we still plant trees and create parks, our organization does so much more. Read on to see how we’re making a difference for generations to come.

Our Projects In Israel

Today, JNF performs groundbreaking work to develop the land of Israel through a variety of multifaceted initiatives. Please take the time to learn about the many projects we are undertaking as part of our vision of building a strong homeland for tomorrow. Our work in Israel is divided into these seven action areas:

Tourism & Recreation

Research & Development

Community Development



Forestry & Ecology


Encompassing all of these action areas is Blueprint Negev, a 10-year, $600 million campaign to revitalize the Negev Desert and make it home for future generations. Currently, this region makes up 60% of Israel, but is home to only 8% of the population. New communities are being built and existing communities are being strengthened. Read More by clicking here: Blueprint Negev

The development of this region will also create jobs to help narrow the current social and economic gaps that exist.

“The Negev will be the test of the creative ability and pioneering valor of Israel.”

— Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.
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