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Dear Fellow Philanthropist…

You Can’t Even Imagine The Shame A Parent Feels Who Is Unable to Feed Their Child…Unless You Have Been That Parent.

You have seen starving kids on TV, the cheekbones that protrude from their face and abdomens that are distended from starvation. You have seen their big round eyes. The pain that is displayed on their faces, but traveling to Africa or another 3rd world country is not needed to find starving children. They don’t exist just on TV. They live right here in San Diego. Maybe not in your neighborhood, maybe you don’t often see them, but they live here among us, in our community, and these kids they need us, they need our help, so they too can sleep at night with a full belly—without suffering.

You, your friends, your entire family are invited to attend an epic night of entertainment for a great cause!

Like many folks who live a normal middle-class lifestyle, I was blinded to the size and scope of childhood hunger. I watched those TV programs of starving children and said, “I’m glad I don’t live in a place like that.” I was a fool. I was ignorant. And I realized just how ignorant I was, when I read an article recently that mentioned 1,150 chronically hungry need assistance so that they don’t face hunger at home over the weekend. Hungry students, it turns out, is a very big issue in our community. To what degree a child starves, makes no difference. Exposed ribs are not a requirement to be considered starved.

No child should go hungry!

As a parent, I can’t imagine. What must it be like to tuck your munchkin in at night, to wrap a blanket around your son or daughter who says to you, “Mom, Dad, I’m hungry.” Or what it must be like to have to say, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any food,” Or what it must be like to see the look in that child’s eyes who doesn’t understand.
As a student, sure, meals are provided to these kids through various school programs, but what about when they go home? How could you possibly focus on school or, make school a priority, when you go to bed hungry each night?

After reading that article. Trying to put myself in that situation, and asking these questions. I decided to do something.

So I arranged a meeting with the San Diego Food Bank. I talked to the Coordinator, Robin Skale. I learned a lot. Robin confirmed just how big of a problem this really was. I sat there. I listened. She told me stories about these incredible little kids. About mothers and fathers, and about what a single donation meant to them. That’s all it took.

That day my mind was made up. And now, after months of planning, thousands of man hours, working tirelessly to form the right partnerships and coming together with many local heroes in their own

Outdoor Movie Night For Hunger™ is here! — Admission is FREE with just one (or more) donation(s) of a non-perishable food item.

Join me, and 1,000’s of others in this fight against hunger. We need you. We are losing, and we’re calling all forces.
 On August 9th, 2014 @ 5:00pm at Qualcomm Stadium—home of the San Diego Chargers—you’re invited to attend an epic night of entertainment for a great cause! Admission is FREE with just one (or more) donation(s) of a non-perishable food item. All donations will go directly to the San Diego Food Bank and will directly impact these kids, students and families in need in our own backyard.
This is our chance (as a community, as humans) to make a difference!

Please don’t sit this one out. We’re ALL counting on you.