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Want to share a quick story- We are meeting many new refugee families coming from Iraq.  Precious, tender people who LOVE Americans, and are so thankful for what America has done in Iraq and here in America.  The families I have been blessed to know are Muslims.  They are always very open to our outreaches- Christmas and Easter events, as well as intimate prayer times and the laying on of hands for healing, in the name of Jesus.

Last week, I went to visit a family and bring them some furniture.  The father and a couple of other gentlemen from Iraq, were talking outside when I got there.  They greeted me and told me they all just lost their jobs. They were working in a restaurant that serves Arabic food, and apparently the owner did not pay his rent for 3 months, and lost the business.  I prayed with them about this and asked God to provide jobs for them.  I went inside the house and the wife looked discouraged. She showed me paperwork from the State and explained that all the refugee cash aid programs, along with a lot of other programs have been cut. 

Their rent is 800.00, they will be receiving 825.00 for a family of 4. Yes, they do get food stamps (which is being cut all the time too), but you cannot pay for gas and electric, gas and insurance for your vehicle, phone, diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, laundry soap, laundramat, and a lot of other things with food stamps. Plus they pay each month on the money they borrowed to get to America.  I sat and talked with her, and prayed with her about these concerns. She then told me she was so sad every time she looked at her daughter.Her little 3 year old, had a accident while playing with a neighbor, and now her eyes are crossed.  I did notice that when I arrived that day, but thought maybe I had never seen that before.  I asked her if I could lay hands on the little girl, and pray for her eyes to straighten.  She said, “Yes, please”.  I got down on my knees and began to pray in Jesus name for her healing.  Please stand with me and pray for this healing.  Many have come to believe in Jesus after witnessing His miracle power. ” I pray, for Your name’s sake Jesus, heal this precious one!” She goes back to the doctors on May 19th. 

 Bridge of Hope stands in the gap.  Thankfully, through your donations, we are able to help with the necessary items I mentioned above, that are needed to live.  We are also faced with many of our families, having to throw their beds, cribs, and couchs away, due to bed bugs.  There is an epidemic of Bed Bugs, especially in the City Heights area. They would never have the money to replace these things.  I recently had a woman from Iraq come, with tears in her eyes, asking me for a bed for her baby, who was being bit all over her tiny body, by bed bugs in the night. We were able to give them one the next day. We are also experiencing an increase in calls each week, from the 211 emergency food hotline, to help with food for senior citizens.  There are many seniors barely making it, having to stand in long food lines. After rent is paid and utillities are paid, there is not enough money for food.  We distribute about 20,000 lbs. of food each month.

Where the government programs are failing, Jesus will never fail.  He is faithful! His river of provision never runs dry.  He sees the widow and the orphan.  His name is Yahweh Jireh- what He has all ready seen that is needed, has been provided for. It is amazing to think six years ago, we started this work in obedience, not knowing we would be invited to help with food and basic living necessities for the refugee, and yet before the foundation of the world, He knew whose needs we would meet through Him.  He is our provider. Bridge of Hope points to Him, Jesus the living water who supplies all of our need according to His riches in glory.  Thank you to you who support Bridge of Hope, prayerfully and financially, for joining Him in His work with the poor.

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Sheri Briggs,
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