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Yeshua | Was Yeshua Really Jesus Messiah?

Encounter with an Angel When I was a child, I asked Jesus to come into my heart, and He did. It felt as though warm water poured into me. However, as I grew up, I gave heed to the call of society and the mass media, quenching the promptings of the Holy Spirit. At one more »

The God of Israel | How Important to God is Israel?

Here are some Bible verses to help you to understand how important Israel is to God (and, thus, how important it should be to us): God’s unconditional and everlasting promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Gen. 12:1-3, 7; 13:14-17; 15:1-21; 17:1-8; 22:15-18; 26:3-5; 28:13-15, plus dozens more) God says, “Israel is My son, My firstborn,” (Ex. more »