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The Distinctives & What We Believe

The leadership and staff of The Well find it essential that we live a life that reflects the nature of God’s Church. The Ministers at The Well reflect, in all areas of their lives, the tenets of belief that God has placed within the collective heart of those responsible for implementing His vision for The Well. As a unified body of believers, we therefore espouse the following:


Worship is central at The Well, because worship is so very important to God. (John 4: 24) Worship that really pleases God is “wholehearted” worship. (Psalm 86: 12)

The Centrality of the Word

The Word of God has a place of prominence at The Well. We believe it to be powerful and able to change people’s lives. (Hebrews 4: 12)

Prayer / Intercession / Prophecy

God’s house is to be a “house of prayer”. We earnestly seek God, His favor, anointing, and direction for our lives, individually and corporately. Special seasons of prayer and fasting are set aside to seek God’s face. Prayer before each service, intercession groups, and corporate prayer are cornerstones. (Mark 11: 17)

The Importance of the Family

The family is very important at The Well. We believe God wants to strengthen our families in these days. (Malachi 4: 6)


A strong emphasis is placed on raising a future generation who love God and will seek His will in their lives.

Body Ministry

Since all believers are kings and priests unto God, we can expect every member of the Body of Christ to play a vital role in the corporate assembly life. (1 Corinthians 14: 26)


We are committed to winning the lost to Jesus Christ in our cities, communities and in the nations.


Giving is part of our worship to the Lord. At The Well, our tithes and offerings are brought to the Lord and presented to Him as an act of worship. (Malachi 3: 10)


At The Well, we firmly believe that God moves and operates through the leadership that He has given to us. For this reason, we encourage everyone to join with those leading, in corporate worship and to honor the guidelines defined for the “flow” of the service. (1 Corinthians 14: 40)

A Strong Committed Membership

At The Well, we are a “family”. Families are committed to each other in love. We are committed to strengthen and build up each other in the faith, and to help each other realize their full potential in God.

The Well Statement of Faith

With a basic understanding that the Holy Spirit has been sent into the world, in one aspect, to lead the church into all truth, [John 16:13] we humbly submit to His lead seeking for understanding. As God is taking us from glory to glory our heart is set on learning, not fighting over doctrine. Though our heart is not bent on wars over doctrine we do believe there are certain doctrine that we as Christians must agree on, here is our stand on these basic truths.
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