About Eye of a Needle Foundation

The most important life-changing decision a person will ever make is that of personal faith: to believe or not to believe, what to believe and how to carry out those beliefs. Eye of a Needle Foundation (EOAN) is clear, grounded and deeply rooted in the beliefs of its founders and is currently sharing and spreading those beliefs worldwide.

EOAN is a global organization that impacts thousands of organizations and individuals providing service to others. It is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations throughout the world.

In addition to working with non-profit organizations, EOAN acquired the Mission Finder website. Now deployed and fully operational, the Mission Finder website is the most comprehensive online community for Mission opportunities in the world! Through the use of technology, EOAN has dramatically increased the number of organizations and individuals it supports.

To Contact Eye of a Needle Foundation

Mail: PO Box 2789, La Jolla, CA 92038

Phone: 858-381-4200

Email: David@AARE.org