We provide funds to existing non-profits and start-ups.

Eye of a Needle Foundation was formed for this purpose. Locally, we offer financial support to religious and secular organizations which offer homeless services, shelter and rescue for orphans and street children, veterans’ assistance, prison ministry, outreach to communities of extreme poverty, and medical services where healthcare is scarce.

We also fund mission driven organizations worldwide. We own and maintain MissionFinder.org, a website where interested parties can browse 2,000+ Christian Organizations in a wide variety of locations around the world, including North America. If you’d like to volunteer, support or list an organization or assist with funding, please visit http://www.missionfinder.org.

If you are seeking funding for an existing non- profit, for a special interest cause, or to start a new non-profit, please contact us today. Send an email telling us who you are and what the funds will be used for, and how that will benefit your fellow man. Include testimonials, references, links to news stories about your work, and anything else you think might be helpful.

Any cause that benefits humanity and helps those who are ill-equipped to help themselves is of interest to us.