We help grow non-profits that already exist.

Eye of a Needle is all about sharing and giving, and we freely give of our advice to other non-profits who are struggling to attract both donors and volunteers. That advice ranges from how to raise needed funds both from individuals and foundations; how to attract and keep good volunteers; and how to set up record keeping systems.

Fundraising is, of course, top priority for most non-profits. And neither it nor attracting energetic volunteers is simply a matter of sending out a letter saying “We need help.”

Both endeavors require the non-profit to show potential donors and volunteers what they do to make a difference in the world, then show them how the funds or the assistance will either allow them do more of it, or to do it even better. We give advice and examples of how to write letters that get results.

Grant monies are the path to large donations, and as such are widely sought. We teach non-profits how to write and submit effective grant proposals.

Volunteers must be “paid” in good feelings and satisfaction. We teach non-profits how to reward their volunteers in ways that don’t require money.

Record keeping may be the biggest hurdle for many non-profits, but it looms large in importance. Not only is it necessary to satisfy the ongoing requirements of a 501(c)3 designation, it’s vital to attracting more money through grants. We share what’s necessary, why it’s necessary, and how to record it efficiently.