Below are some interesting teachings that we came across this week…

Bill Cloud

Jack Smith

The book entitled, “Islam, the Cloak of Antichrist,” by Jack Smith, looks very intriguing, and it is available for free, online. (Thanks, so much, to Pastor Smith for providing so many learning resources for free.) Here is a quote from the first chapter:

This chapter will introduce the Bible’s portrayal of an almost endless spiritual battle between God and satan. The two are never in “direct conflict”; rather, satan wages his spiritual struggle against God by deceiving, tempting, and impacting the apex of God’s creation, humanity. In so doing, satan wounds the heart of God much like a mother is wounded by the pain of her children. Further, satan always wages his war in disguise. He never “shows his face,” but operates unawares “behind” and “through” his instrument.

Dalton Lifsey

Joel Richardson

“Daniel 9:26: Who Are The People of the Prince To Come?”

Alan Taylor

This is one of the outcomes that the modern day servants of satan hope to accomplish, again: Part 18.

Darwin and Ani