Mission Statement
To raise funds and create awareness to save and empower homeless youth in San Diego County & beyond.

Vision Statement
To raise funds and create awareness for a House of Hope dedicated to saving and empowering 18 to 24 year-old homeless youth starting in San Diego County and then expanding beyond; and to support and expand services at the Storefront Shelter.

Currently there are no services available for 18 to 24 year-old homeless youth in San Diego County.

Please join our Angel Team to make our mission and vision a reality.

Why the name Photocharity?
Photocharity acquired its name from the strong relationships formed from photographing musicians and athletes. These relationships resulted in receiving signed memorabilia. To date, Photocharity has raised over $600,000 to save homeless youth by selling the signed memorabilia. Photography plays a very crucial part in what we do to save homeless youth.

What they do
Photocharity is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for charitable organizations that empower youth to make better choices. Homeless and disadvantaged youth have been our prime area of focus over the past eight years. This is accomplished through public speaking, music concerts, photography, and other fundraising events. Heart-felt corporate and volunteer angels assist Photocharity in making this mission a reality.

Photocharity has co-developed an after school program, which includes music & expressive arts, to combat juvenile delinquency. This assists in helping improve self-esteem for homeless & disadvantaged youth. Focus groups with Homeless & disadvantaged youth have helped in understanding which activities would be desired (from the youths’ perspective). These focus groups have assisted in selecting activities for the program with a goal of increased participation. The Photocharity after school program was established in 2003 and includes music(guitar, harmonica), snowboarding, rock climbing lessons, and expressive art therapy.. The program has resulted in the teens writing over 50 original songs. A Photocharity band, the TNT Band (Tuesday Night Teens), made up of the Storefront teens has been launched as part of this program and has performed at Photocharity concerts.

Photocharity is educating the public regarding juvenile delinquency issues through our various speaking engagements. We believe that once the community is educated about this situation, and given successful options, they will want to help and support successful solutions.
Jeffrey Sitcov, President / Founder
E-mail us:
P.O. Box 177, Cardiff, CA 92007